Where are you at with your super?

Total & Permanent Disablement cover

Take care of your finances and support your family if you’re prevented from working again

On first joining QIEC Super with a participating QIEC employer, you will automatically receive 1 unit TPD insurance cover.1 This is the default level of cover and is called automatic acceptance. If this default level of cover is not enough you can choose up to 3 units without providing evidence of health, subject to completing a Membership Application Form, and;

  • provided you join the Fund within 6 months of becoming eligible; or
  • if you join the Fund more than 6 months after becoming eligible, provided you apply within 120 days of receiving your Welcome Letter from QIEC Super.

Features and benefits

  • Apply for cover of up to $2 million.
  • A choice of unit based or fixed amount cover.
  • An option for an additional unit of TPD cover on key life events.
  • Eligible members automatically receive 1 unit of TPD cover on first joining QIEC Super.

TPD insurance costs only $2.03 per unit per week. Each unit of insurance provides the following TPD cover (age dependent):

Total and Permanent Disablement benefit
 15 - 39
 40 - 44
 45 - 49
 50 - 54
 55 - 59
 62  $22,260
 63  $14,840
 64  $7,420
 65-69  Nil

For more details on the TPD cover provided and the various conditions that apply, please read the Insurance section of the current QIEC Super PDS and the QIEC Super Insurance Guide.

More information

  • QIEC Super Insurance Guide 1554.09 KB PDF

  • QIEC Super PDS 617.7 KB PDF

  • Insurance Claim Fact Sheet 252.08 KB PDF

  • Is legal assistance required to make an insurance claim? 82.57 KB PDF


1 Applicable to Employee Members only. An Employee Member is a member who is employed by a QIEC Super participating employer and is neither a spouse member nor a self-employed member. Spouse and self-employed members are not eligible for automatic acceptance. You will not be eligible for automatic cover if you have previously received a permanent incapacity, TPD or similar payment from any superannuation fund or insurer; or you have ever received a terminal illness benefit under any insurance policy.