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Keep us up to date with any changes

Keep us up to date with any changes

You can use Employer Online to keep QIEC Super up to date with any relevant changes to your business.

Employer Details tab:

It’s important that you keep your mailing address, email address and primary contact up to date so that we can best communicate with you.

Employee maintenance tab:

The employee maintenance tab displays all the currently active employees (i.e. those that do not have an employment end date). Employee details can either be edited or viewed as needed.

Your staff can join online

Joining QIEC Super is easy with our online member registration. Your staff can join using an online form and be issued with a Member Number immediately. Simply login to your Employer Online account and click ‘Your direct link to member registration’.

If you are not already registered for Employer Online and would like to use this online solution, please call our friendly Client Contact Centre on 1300 360 507 to register.