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Fetch and rollover your super

Did you know that almost half of all Australians have more than one super account1, and you could be one of them?

Having super in other funds means you’re most likely paying multiple sets of fees, so you may wish to rollover your other super into your QIEC Super account. Use SuperFetch today to view and combine your other super accounts in a single, simple process. 

Where a match is found in other funds, before we can rollover your benefit to QIEC Super, we must provide you with the terms and conditions of transferring your super benefits from one fund to another, and must obtain your consent to effect the transfer electronically. You can find these terms and conditions on our consolidate your super page . Any amounts held by the ATO will automatically transfer into your QIEC Super account.

Simply follow one of the 2 steps below:

  1.  Use our SuperFetch online tool to search for your lost super as well as identify any other super accounts you may hold in other funds. Within the tool, you can also initiate an online rollover of these funds into your QIEC Super account2. You will need your Member Number and to have already provided your mobile phone number to QIEC Super to use this option. Visit our consolidate your super page to get started. 

  2. Contact us on 1300 360 507 (or email info@qiec.com.au and we’ll call you back) to start your search over the phone. If you provide us with your consent to use your Tax File Number, QIEC Super will search the superannuation records of the ATO to find any super belonging to you. If you have any amounts held with other funds, QIEC Super will then request your consent to initiate a transfer of this super into your QIEC Super account.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions please contact our Client Contact Centre on 1300 360 507 or email info@qiec.com.au

Congratulations to our SuperFetch competition winner, Madonna from St Peters Lutheran College, who won an iPhone X.

1. https://www.ato.gov.au/Media-centre/Media-releases/Australians-losing-thousands-in-super-fees-annually--ATO/

2. You may ask the Trustee of your previous superannuation fund(s) for information about any fees or costs that may apply to process the rollover, or any other information that may affect your benefits. You should also note that any insurance you may have had in your previous fund may cease upon rollover. By proceeding with the rollover to QIEC Super, you will be discharging the Trustee of your previous fund of all further liability in respect of the benefits rolled over to QIEC Super.