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Consolidate your Super

Do you have lost super or multiple super accounts?


QIEC Super now has an upgraded online tool that can help you search for your lost super (including any amounts held by the Australian Taxation Office) as well as identify any other super accounts you may hold in other funds. Within the tool, you can also initiate straight through online consolidation into your QIEC Super account. The more super funds you are in, the more fees you may pay and the harder it is to keep track of your super.

You can do something about it, by taking one of the following 2 options:

1. Use our upgraded online tool, available in Member Online, to search for and consolidate your other accounts within QIEC Super.


2. If you already know your other super fund's details, then you may simply wish to print and complete our Member Rollover Authorisation form located in the "Resources" section on this page.

Before transferring your superannuation benefits from your previous superannuation fund(s) to your QIEC Super account, we recommend asking your previous superannuation fund for all information about your benefits in that fund (including transfer, exit, or other fees, insurance cover and amounts and the available investment options) that you need to understand the effects of transferring those benefits.

Your privacy is important to us
When your personal details are provided to QIEC Super, they are securely stored and are accessible only to authorised personnel and third parties for the purpose of administering your account. View QIEC Super's Privacy Policy, or call us on 1300 360 507 for a copy of the Privacy Policy.


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