QIEC Income Stream


There are two types of accounts within a QIEC Income Stream; the Transition to Retirement Account and Retirement Income Account. These are investments that give retirees and those nearing retirement, but at least preservation age, regular superannuation benefit payments as income1.


QIEC Income Streams offers you:


Flexibility in accessing your savings

You can choose how much and when your income stream is paid (e.g. fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly).  For your convenience, income stream payments are deposited directly into your nominated bank account. It can also be accessed as a lump sum in the Retirement Income Account option.


Choice of investment options

We know that many of our members are taking more interest in how their super is invested. That's why we have provided you with 10 investment options to choose from. You don't have to put all your money into one option - you can mix and match them if you wish. You can also elect the investment option you would like your income stream payments drawn from.


Award winning

QIEC Super has been awarded a 'Gold' rating for Income Streams from SuperRatings in 20172.  This means that QIEC Super is a good value for money income stream.



Investment earnings are tax-free in the Retirement Income Account, plus income stream payments are tax-free from age 60.



For your peace of mind, death insurance3 cover is available to QIEC Income Stream members.


So, whether you are still working and want access to your superannuation benefits to supplement your income, or you have fully retired and want an income during retirement, QIEC Super has superannuation income stream options to suit you.



For more information, please refer to the QIEC Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement.



1 Please note that temporary residents are not eligible to commence a QIEC Income Stream. SuperRatings provide independent superannuation assessment and ratings. SuperRatings Pty. Ltd. (ABN 95 100 192 283) hold Australian Financial Services Licence No. 311880. Refer to the our Insurance Guide for more information, or call QIEC Super on 1300 360 507 to have one sent to you.


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