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About Employer Online

Employer Online makes contribution processing easy. It gives you the flexibility to:

  • View your current contribution return and correct or update changes,
  • Add new members, correct member details and advise termination of member's employment,
  • Check your return to ensure accuracy of information, and agree the total amount payable,
  • Submit your contribution return and payment on-line,
  • Make payment of the total contributions by EFT, BPAY or Direct Debit (by prior arrangement),
  • Obtain confirmation that the return has been received and processed,
  • Obtain on-line access to previous returns submitted.

Employer Online is Secure

Your contribution records are protected and only accessible through your employer number and unique password. When you first use Employer Online you will be allocated a password which you should change to one of your own choice. This will provide you with peace of mind and make the password easier to remember.


Choice of Payment Method

Payment can be made electronically through your bank or other financial institution by one of the following methods:

EFT (electronic funds transfer through your on-line banking system);

BPAY (Call your participating financial institution or visit their website to make your BPAY payment).

DDR (Direct Debit from your bank account - you will need to sign and return to us a Direct Debit Request form which will authorise us to present a debit to your bank account electronically).



How can I register for Employer Online services?

To register simply:

  1. Call us on 1300 360 507;
  2. Choose your method of payment, either by EFT or BPAY through your bank or other financial institution, or via Direct Debit (you can download a copy of our Direct Debit Request Form from the 'Resources' section of this web page or call us on 1300 360 507 to have one sent to you); and
  3. Once you are registered, we will provide you with a login and password*

Please note: You must submit your contributions at least one business banking day before the Superannuation Guarantee deadline, in order to meet your Superannuation Guarantee obligations.


Payment will not have been made until honoured against your bank account.


If you pay by EFT or BPAY, payment will need to go through the banking system and in some cases will require one business day to be cleared.


If you pay by Direct Debit, an electronic file of direct debits will be submitted on the next business banking day after you have submitted your contribution data through Employer Online.


Want more information?

To speak to one of our Client Services Managers (CSMs), please call us
on 1300 360 507.


*Allow at least one business banking day for your Employer Online account to be active.