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Complaints Policy

The Trustee strives to ensure that QIEC Super always operates in the best interests of members. If you are not happy with any aspect of your contact with QIEC Super and wish to make a complaint, you can do so in writing, over the phone or in person at the QIEC Super administration office.

For all Complaints please contact:


The Complaints Officer

QIEC Super

PO Box 10629

Brisbane Adelaide Street QLD 4000


1300 360 507




Level 2 - West Tower, 410 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

QIEC Super will address your concerns and try to resolve them quickly. The Trustee aims to resolve any complaints as soon as possible but no longer than 90 days from the date of receipt. If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your complaint or the Trustee's decision or if the complaint is not resolved within 90 days, you may contact the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT). The SCT will only consider your complaint once you have exhausted our internal complaint resolution procedures.

If your complaint relates to the decision of a payment of a death benefit (made on or after 1 July 2013), you will be given written reasons for the decision in relation to the complaint, at the time you are advised of the Trustee's decision. If a decision is unable to be made within 90 days, you are able to submit a written request for the reason of the non-decision. A written response will be provided within 28 days of receiving your request, unless an extension has been granted by the Regulator, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

For all other complaints, you can request a reason for the Trustee's decision (made on or after 1 July 2013) provided your request is made in writing. The Trustee will provide the reason for their decision within 28 days of receiving your written request, unless an extension has been granted by the Regulator, ASIC.

Complaints in respect of Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) decisions (made on or after 1 July 2013) must be lodged with the SCT within six years of the decision (previously two years). However, if you permanently cease employment due to TPD and lodge a claim within two years of ceasing employment, you will have four years from the Trustee's decision to make a complaint with the SCT.

The SCT is an independent body set up by the Federal Government to assist members or beneficiaries to resolve certain types of complaints with fund trustees.

The SCT can consider complaints about the decisions and conduct of the trustees of superannuation funds, the conduct and decisions of people acting on behalf of the trustee and the decisions of insurers in relation to insurance benefits provided under superannuation funds. The complaint must be in relation to a Trustee decision or conduct that you believe is, or was, unfair or unreasonable.

The SCT may be able to assist you to resolve your complaint, but only if you and the Fund have first made a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through the Fund's internal complaints process. If the SCT accepts your complaint, it will attempt to resolve the matter initially through conciliation, which involves assisting you and the Fund to come to a mutual agreement. If conciliation is unsuccessful, the complaint is referred to the SCT for a determination, which is binding on all parties.

You can contact the SCT as follows:


Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

Locked Bag 3060



1300 884 114 (cost of local call)


(03) 8635 5588





If you have a complaint about a possible breach of your privacy, you should first contact the Fund's Complaint's Officer who will attempt to resolve the matter in a reasonable period. Refer to the Privacy policy for further information.  If the complaint is not resolved, you can complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) , telephone 1300 363 992 or visit oaic.gov.au.