Where are you at with your super?

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What is Super?

Superannuation or ‘super’ as it’s more commonly known, is one of the more commonly misunderstood parts of working life. For many Australians, their super will be their main form of retirement income.

Tax and Super

The tax payable on your super contributions and benefits is dependent on a number of factors.

How much super do you need?

It’s the million dollar question, and unfortunately one that does not have an easy answer.

Women and Super

Around 90 percent of women currently end up with not enough superannuation savings to fund the lifestyle they want in retirement. Learn some simple ways to grow your super.

Choice of Fund

Most people are able to choose their own super fund, however there are some circumstances such as specific industrial agreements where you are unable to choose.


We understand super can seem confusing at times, which is why we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.