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Workplace Visits

At QIEC Super, our aim is to make superannuation easier for you and your staff.


We have a dedicated team of professionals to help our members and employers wherever we can. Our Client Services Managers (CSMs) are available to conduct Member Information Sessions in workplaces all over Queensland.


Member Information Sessions are designed to help QIEC Super members understand the benefits of being part of our Fund and to help our members make the most of their super. Our Clearing House Specialist is also available to help employers comply with Government SuperStream changes and assist with simplifying their employee contributions workflow.


QIEC Super's Client Services team are able to visit your workplace and help you manage your super. These sessions are all part of the service provided by QIEC Super and can be booked by calling 1300 360 507 or sending an email to info@qiec.com.au.

See profiles below to learn more about our Client Relations Team.

Graham Burke

Client Services Managers

T: 0408 799 461

E: graham.burke@qiec.com.au


Graham Burke has 30 years experience working within banking, financial services and superannuation industries. During this time he has operated his own brokerage firm and managed projects for Westpac and Commonwealth Bank. Graham holds a Diploma of Superannuation and is RG146 qualified.


Graham believes "it's important that superannuation is simple and easy to understand for all members" and is available to spend time at your workplace to help streamline your QIEC Super superannuation arrangements.


Graham also enjoys building long term relationships with employers and members.

Natalie Whittal

Client Services Manager

T: 0417 260 825

E: natalie.whittal@qiec.com.au


Natalie Whittal has over 10 years experience within the financial services, insurance and superannuation industry. She has completed a Diploma of Superannuation, a Diploma of Financial Planning and is RG146 qualified.


Natalie is passionate about making superannuation as easy to understand as possible for both employers and members; and is available to spend time at your workplace to help streamline your superannuation arrangements.


Natalie is also available to meet QIEC Super members one-on-one to go through current details and assist in maximising their QIEC Super membership.

Ian McFarlane

Client Services Manager

T: 0418 667 491

E: ian.mcfarlane@qiec.com.au


Having previously worked in the financial planning and superannuation industry, Ian McFarlane brings experience and knowledge to his role at QIEC Super. He is enthusiastic about helping members understand and manage their super to help them get the most out of their investment.


Ian holds a Diploma of Financial Planning, Diploma of Superannuation and is RG146 qualified.