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About QIEC Super

QIEC Super is the superannuation fund established specifically for the benefit of all participants in the non-government education sector, child and other care and community services in Queensland.


The Fund is a "profit for members" fund - after investment taxes and costs are taken out of returns all surplus is returned to members.


If you are considering whether QIEC Super is the right super fund for you, we encourage you to make a direct comparison with any alternative fund you may be looking at. Spending a few minutes making this comparison may help you decide on your best option.


We recommend downloading our QIEC Super Comparison Form and our Ten Great Reasons to be a Member information flyer, located in the 'Resources' section of this page to assist you in comparing QIEC Super.


It is important to be fully informed of all the fees and charges that can eat into your savings, the investment performance of the fund and any additional benefits that you may have access to. This way you can be in a position to increase your super. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about QIEC Super.


Check out QIEC Super's benefits below:

  • QIEC Super is the only Queensland superannuation fund designed for the benefit of employees in the non-government education sector, child and other care and community services in Queensland.
  • Choice of investment options
  • Solid investment returns and low administration costs
  • No charge for making contributions
  • Competitive insurance benefits
  • Access to competitively priced banking products


QIEC Super is managed by a trustee company, QIEC Super Pty Ltd, ABN 81 010 897 480. The Trustee company has equal representation from participating employers and employer associations and the employee unions which are party to the Fund.


QIEC Super offers the choice of ten investment options:

QIEC MySuper

High Growth

Conservative Growth


Fixed Interest

SRI (Socially Responsible Investments)


Australian Equities

International Equities



You can make additional member contributions "free" of charge.


QIEC Super accepts Salary Sacrifice contributions.


QIEC Super provides competitive insurance benefits.


QIEC Super has excellent ancillary benefits for members


Banking through ME Bank, (including home loans, MasterCards, personal loans and savings accounts - all at competitive interest rates).

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QIEC Super has teamed up with QIEC Financial Planning and is now offering a comprehensive personal advice service for our members.

The majority of Australians are underinsured. As life changes, so to do your insurance requirements. Take a moment to assess what your current needs are, QIEC Super Insurance can help.